I think he's sick
or badly injurd
and beautiful
with thin lips
and pale eyes
and a gentle smile

he has sworn to never be loved again
for loving him is poison
his kindness can only be conditional
he curses his nature
he would like to be your friend
his words are kind and so painfully pure
you tell him your problems and the answers come, so easily and obviously
his imagination soars free, and he loves to explore an idea to its bounds, even to places none would dare tread
it's so easy to fall in love with him
and so quick for him to turn
he speaks, and you listen with rapt attention, and soon enough you notice his words are laced with subtle poisons
you can't stop him though, for he wears the same smile he always does
he says what he thinks, what he has truly thought this whole time, the narrative you have built your life into unravelling and falling apart
oh, how well he knows you! how pointed each word is!
could you imagine life without him?
and with each word he speaks you realize how little he thinks of you, how much he has hidden, how far his thoughts have gone, each syllable stabbing you, slicing you open, gutting you like a pig

he does not know what he has done wrong, it always ends like this
how could he do this to you, he thinks
what could he have done different
he only spoke the truth
and so once again
he swears
to never let any fall in love with him again