Manah, Astrologer of Orchid

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The oracle of Orchid. He likes to collect things that belong to nature: he has a collection of pinned butterflies, of pressed roses, leather wear, recent taxidermies, pet lizards and snakes, pet marmots and chincillas, pet tarantulas and Lizards-of-Eyes, Sleeping Songbirds and Swiftfoot Frogs, Lazy Stoneweavers and a collection of Eye-of-Opal Serpent scales... well, I'm sure you understand. What he is best known for, though, is his keen advice to the despot of Orchid, who does not go a month without a visit—

And who, on his most recent visit, has recieved a dire prophecy from the young Manah. Ill portents fill the sky; a behemoth comes, utterly unstoppable. Orchid will surely fall.