I WANT OT MAKE AN RPG about beings at the peak of enlightenment
the cultivators who have projected their will across the world
the gods whose breath is the wind
the exorcists who can seal any demon or god
who have reached an uneasy truce because a fight between them would wreck havoc on Creation
and u play them doing slice of life stuff
or enacting mysterious plots
like a not-quite clone of what i like about th project
like probably there's no xp advancement for powers
but there might be some way to give a sense of advancement or progression or growth
a game about melancholy immortals whose only enemy is the passing of the ages and the eternal turning of the sun
slice of life played out across the green mountains and over the flowing rivers
the creation would be a world that's really really really big
many many times the size of earth
there is an india
a trip there by horse would take many years
and there are small societies of people
agricultural but no more
with fine stone buildings
but a social organization that's almost neolithic
and trains
trains r important
there is another place too

only the witches can find it usually
there are many other places
witches have very limited power but they can slip between worlds
witches are the ones who can see those other worlds
and the branching of time
and leap
the ones who killed their friend on accident and in their disbelief slipped between worlds
you do it once and
then you're set
you're a witch now
a better way to put it might be the people who
"so badly needed another world they slipped through"
the witches
the gods
the exorcists
the lords of hell
stuck in a truce

the world is no time and no place
the history of agricultural society smudged out into a single blurred time
neolithic megacities and strange modes of organization
ways that could-have-been
im insane
witches - truly immortal, in a way nothing else can be. they experience their own death countless times
over and over.
until they find the one set of actions that will bring them to their proper fate.
the most powerful of them can step out of reality entirely, look at a world-moment from each angle, see it as the manydimensional crystalline thing it truly is, or even make their own worldcrystals these witches can subtlely pull the skeins of fate
there are others too
there's more
its everythimg from 10000 bc to 2020 ad all at once
the world necessarily needs to be vast and empty and serene
there is so much world, and though people multiply the world always grows
it grows with their perceptions !!!
as people see the world it grows to accomodate their perceptions
if you go far enough the world might change to fit the far-perceptions
the world is mostly just open steppe
broken up by dense forests in valleys
or winding rivers
stuff like that.