I want fallen angels to be in it
they fell from
what is Above?
even the witches don't know
the ones who see all realities
the fallen angels would be very weird !
and organic
ontologically alien

I think about
a being of spirit
who was cloaked in flesh
and fell to earth
or maybe something stranger than spirit
i dunno
i was crying reading the 8eyes website even tho i dont know the lore or have read it and thinking about moon bunnies falling to earth
and becoming something else
sprouting like a seed
in the earth
its tragic but its happy too
i love the idea that for the angels
the Heaven they came from is a place they always want to return to
but they are haunted by the knowledge that returning would mean annihilation of what they are
they're gnostics
they hate the flesh
the rejection of flesh means the rejection of themselves
and what they are now
beautifully embodied
able to adapt and change
its the tragedy of having flesh

I want them to be Things
and what they once Were is abstracted
or gone
or nonexistent
or a hole
or a void
or the result of simple axioms
subjecting pure ontology to natural selection
that's the tragedy of the angels
a once pure thing coming to love its impurity
99% in a video game
the joy of being nearly boundless

now they have meaning
they experience change
these things are strange to them
they're former NEETs
ofc they're weird little alien critters
a songbird held in a silver cage
an anime girl who looks suspiciously like lain
when u fall into earth u have time imposed on you for the first time
maybe they come from somewhere else
maybe they are beings who have become the godhead
unconstrained, infinite
and when they experienced infinity for the first time
it was like
having a boundless seizure
a seizure but with no end
loops upon loops of thought
falling into the depths of your own mind and self (which is now all things)
expanded and smearing outwards
experiencing all moments as a single moment
endless lopps and cycles compressed into moments
and they were
it was
the worst experience they ever had
this has happened in many worlds
and in many places
so they in desperation
wrapped themselves in flesh and silk
and fell to earth in their white cuccoons
fleeing from the infinite
insomuch as they could experience: it was the worst experience
it was terror
maybe they didn't really become god
maybe they just experienced god
and fled
the throne of god is empty and they could have stepped in but they feared annihilation
mystics reincarnated in the body of children
i dunno
i like
want it to be
stranger than that
i take it back
it needs to be strange