im gonna work on birdword again
and ill do it by saying this
i think
its like tlon
but theres some kind of
in the world
tlon here is like in borges

it WOULD be tlon, were it not for an established, sophisticated consensus that permeates rlly strongly
maybe little guys live in rocks
who can see
maybe its
literally bc mountains n trees r animate lol
and cna percieve with their rocky or tree-y senses
I think i should steal from mother ocean stuff
but uhm
nooooo not that
no i lost it
rivers are
bc rivers r water
and water is important because it comes from river
and man comes from river mud
but he came from river mud and then percieved the river mud in the same instant
he made the mud and the mud made him (or her idk)
rivers r just like
a random perception
a random first-perception
just random stimulus or an excitation of some field of consciousness-seeing
pulled and coalesced by neural networks into a spiderlike branching appendage of formlessness
the first-seen-thing
ok i found it again

i think rivers could EASILY be a first excitation of a seeing-thing! they have that networky character abt them.